Welcome to the VEE website. Here you will find details of the Australian Health, Outdoor and Peer Programs offered by Vision. Please read on to gain further information on VEE.

There is increasing pressure from the community for education systems to deal with the personal development issues of young people. Issues such as:


have all made it into the headlines for one reason or another over the past year - often highlighting the inadequacy of current programs. Although many resources are available, few schools have time to fully evaluate them.

VEE provides a creative opportunity to help your school develop realistic programs and outcomes based directly on the assessed needs of the students in targeted year levels.

Details of our programs can be found  by selecting the relevant areas at left, by emailing us at tas@vee.com.au or by calling one of our consultants on (03) 9888 6788.

Schools need to provide young people with the skills required to deal with life at school and in the wider world as an adult.

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Telephone 9888 6788
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